Shuai Huang

Machine Learning, Healthcare, and Systems Engineering

PhD students (current)

  • Aven Samareh
  • Jingshuo Feng

PhD students (graduated)

  • Mona Haghighi (graduated in 2016 at USF)
    • Dissertation topic: “Rule-based Risk Monitoring Systems for Complex Datasets”
    • Recipient of the Dissertation Completion Award in 2015
    • INFORMS Professional Colloquium Travel Award in 2016
    • Current position: Optimization Statistician at Citi
  • Yan Jin (2013 - 2017, UW)
    • Dissertation topic: “Diagnostic Monitoring of High-dimensional Networked Systems”
    • Finalist of INFORMS QSR 2015 best student paper competition
    • Decision Science Professional Intern at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc.
    • Current position: Research Scientist at Research Lab, California, USA
  • Ying Lin (2012 - 2017, UW, co-advised with Dr. Shan Liu)
    • Dissertation topic: “Large-Scale Personalized Health Surveillance by Collaborative Modeling and Selective Sensing”
    • The Lee B. Lusted Student Prize from the Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM) in 2016
    • Research Intern at NEC Laboratories America, Inc.
    • Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Houston
  • Yazhuo Liu (co-advised with Dr. Jose Zayas-Castro, graduated in 2015 at USF)
    • Dissertation topic: “Patient Population, Clinical Association, and Systems Efficiency in Healthcare Delivery System”
  • Cao Xiao (co-advised with Dr. W. Art Chaovalitwongse, graduated in 2016 at UW)
    • Dissertation topic: “Optimization and Machine Learning Methods for Medical and Healthcare Applications”
    • Research Intern at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    • Data Scientist Intern at LinkedIn
    • Finalist of IIE-CIS Mobile App Competition in 2016 (Team lead of UW-CHI app)
    • Graduate School’s Fellowship for Excellence and Innovation Top Scholar Award at UW
    • Current position: Research Scientist at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Master students

  • Yi He
  • Ameer Hamza Shakur

Undergraduate students

  • Borui Li (Developer of UW-CHI app)
  • Eric Kammers (Participant of NSF REU)